Hi y'll..i'm planning for a 9 day - sydney - brisbane..any idea for the itineraries?

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wish list:

Puffing Billy Steam Train, Philip Island, Great Ocean Road...etc

Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge...etc

gold coast, china town...etc

or any other suggestions?




  1. ya...change your plans and goto vegas

  2. 9 days is not long to do all this. The great ocean road yes and the dandenongs on the puffing billy yes I'd forget about Philip island a bit out of the way unless you had more time. In sydney also take a ferry trip to manley or better still get the commuter ferry to Parramatta and back and go to Bondi for the day as well. Brisbane take a wander along South Bank then spend the rest of the time on The gold Coast Beaches are fabulous so the longer there the better. .  

  3. go check out the great whites........ and go to the outback.... But most of all...  have a great trip!

  4. im from outside melbourne - torquay beginning of the great ocean road- do have a look it great - check out the12 apostles, high fly walk, lorne, beaches such as wye river/kennet river.

    brisbane - not really sure of busy city when i went few years ago however we went to glasshouse mountains- great, went to australia zoo - excellent and then few days on the gold coast= great.

    have a search of the following site

  5. Check this site out ...

    It will most definitely tick off most (if not all) of those things in your wish list!

    Hope this helps :o)


  6. If you're going to Philip Island then be sure to check out the seals as well and the penguins. People seem to forget about the seals!

    Melbourne has a world class zoo (Melbourne Zoo) which is pretty awesome as far as zoos are concerned. I'm not sure of any real 'sights' to see in Melbourne but check out Flinders st station and all those big towers that we have :)

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