Help Im 12 and pregnant

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  1. wow.,., im the same age as you and im prenant too... its not as bad to tell your parents as you think it is.,., trust me the only think bad about it is that your back hurts and your legs kinda lock up.,., i am due on my birthday but it runs in my family to have your baby late,.,. if i do have my baby girls on my birthday it will be the best present EVER!! by the way, my dauhters name is annalee., are you sure you are pregnant? well email me at


  3. listen i know that your kind of freaked about this whole situation, but you need to tell your parents! You have abused god's gift, and for that you have to pay the consiquences. but DONT choose obortion, your child shouldnt have to be killed for your careless mistake. Listen im not trying to be nasty, m just trying to give you a tast of reality. Hun god bless! Hope everything works out.

  4. Take the test, yes. Make sure you're pregnant and then think about what you want to do.
    You don't have to tell anyone and you don't have to keep the pregnancy, not do you have to abort it.
    Your options right now are to remain pregnant (in which case you'll have to tell people) or not remain pregnant (you may still have to tell people).
    Look up your local Planned Parenthood, when you get there you can get tested and the people there can help you with your options and ways you can prevent this from happening again.

  5. Hello,

    before you tell anyone, be sure that your pregnant by making a pregnancy test and then be sure to tell the boy you done it with and then your parents. Make the right decision and just remember, it not the baby`s mistake, but it your`s, so you shouldn't kill the little poor baby because it your mistake that you can`t protect your self!

    Hope for you to make the correct decision,

  6. Are Sure you are pregnant or is it just your assumption. Take a pregnancy test with a HCG strip. How many days passed you have missed your periods. Take the test after 45 days of conceiving, then you can be accurate with the results. If you are positive with the result,then you need to take certain medication which include two doses: on the first day take mifepristone-600mg then after 48 hours you have to take misoprostol-400mg thats all. But these have certain side effects. Better to take suggestion from doctor.

  7. its mea again he is a jerk

  8. Contact to me and we can put you pregnant again.

  9. who did this to you you should call me im ajahnae ill help you you can visit me 533 geegory st. bridgeport ct. 2038701540 ask for me call today

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