Have you ever eaten at Wolfie's Grill?

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at circular quay west , the rocks

right on the water between doyls and the Hyatt hotel

loverly meals but a bit expensive

2 cource meal for 2 cost $129




  1. Sounds good mate.I love the rocks and the food around that part of town,,I bet it was worth it !!

    edit- I just realized I didn't even answer your question haha

    No I haven't eaten there,,,,yet ??

  2. yes i lived at the rocks before coming to qld and the food there are the best ever and worth the extra dollars the oysters are surperb and the steak is second to none ,

  3. wolfies grill dosent sound too vegan,,,

    it sounds like they serve up meat like wolves,,,,lol

    ive never heard of that place,, but im sure my hubby would love it, he loves to eat anywhere but here,,,,,, [all my vegan cooking, u wouldnt blame  him!]xxxxxxxxxxx

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