Has anyone stayed at Birks Boathouse Goolwa?

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0 LIKES UnLike The website looks great but when you get here your looking at a faded out run down boat shed with outdoor toilets surrounded by mounds of dredged out swamp. Your promised absolute water frontage on a beautiful deck but you get a deck with no water and swamp. The so called Private Jetty is public and people walk pass peering into your window so the blinds need to be closed all day, the place is a dump , anyone been there?




  1. No I haven't but I do walk past it (and no I don't peer in the windows).

    The 'swamp'  is the Murray River which is in drought at the moment and this is what all the calls from the Goolwa and Lakes people is about that there is not enough water being released into the Murray River and it is affecting businesses like Birks who rely on tourism.  

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