Has anyone emigrated and regretted it ?

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Has anyone emigrated and regretted it ?




  1. Yes, ME.

    But then after I went back to the UK, I realised why I left the UK in the first place, and now I am back in Australia, for Good :)

    You see, sometimes, you remember all the good things from the old country, and only see it with "rose tinted glasses".  You forget what you didn't like.

    Both countries have good and bad points.

    Each individual must weigh up, in their own situation, what is best for them.  

    Sometimes that does take a trip back home to refresh the memory.  

    I also know of others who have done exactly the same as me, and are what are commonly called "Boomerang Poms".

    But I also know of some who have left Australia, and will "probably" never return, because it just did not suit them.

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