Handcuffs...Smith & Wesson or Peerless?

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In terms of real police style handcuffs/leg cuffs, which is better smith and wesson or peerless? Which is used more?




  1. I would say it is really a matter of opinion. I prefer and have my own Smith & Wesson, but our department switched over to Peerless about 5 years ago ( due to cheaper price,not for quality --- the bean counters at work again).

    I will say this though. My S&W's are over 15 years old and still function great as long as I oil them periodically.

    I dont think you could go wrong with either. Best of luck and I hope this is useful to you

  2. If you can find them, hinged saf-lok handcuffs are fantastic. a little heavier but solid and restrict movement where handcuffs with a chain cant.

  3. I have both S&W and Peerless. I like the double locks on the Peerless better than the S&W. But when it comes time to use them, one set is just as good as the other : )

  4. Peerless...just because of the little divit on the side for the double locks.  You can't go wrong with either, though.

  5. I like both, but here is a tip for cuffing so that people can't get their arms over their heads, when cuffed  behind the back. If the suspect is wearing a  belt,  cuff one wrist, then pass the cuff thru  the waist belt, then cuff the other wrist. NO body can get their arms over their head  with that method.

    A second tip for plain clothes work. A set of thumb cuffs is a lot  less bulky, than a  regular set. Easy to keep in a pocket or f***y pack. Check and see if your state allows their use.

    To cuff two persons with one pair of cuffs.Cuff one person's wrist, pass the cuff under the waist belt and cuff the other person's wrist. Now you  have both  persons connected to each  other, and they won't be able to run very well.

    A final tip. Cuff a wrist to the opposte ankle, no way to run off.

    All of these tactics are for a single officer, working alone, who needs to control people untill help arrives on scene.

    These  come from a 1950's Toronto Police training manual.

    Jim B. Toronto.

  6. I have three sets of Peerless. It all depends on what you like. They all work the same..............

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