Great Britain and the United Kingdom?

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Is there a difference between Great Britain and the United Kingdom? What is the difference?




  1. Great Britain is the name of the Island of Britain -to distinguish it historically from lesser Britain, which was Brittany in France.

    The UK is a political term they use  when they want to include the 6 Irish counties they still lay claim over as well.

    They can be hypocritical  and confused about it too - as demonstrated in the current Olympic games where they call the British team "Team GB".

    The British Isles is a geographical term which includes Ireland.

  2. To make it clear I'll explain from the start, using the most common misconception that England=the UK.

    England is one of 6 constituent countries within the United Kingdom.

    The United Kingdom has one government which has control over all of those 6 countries.

    Each country has a varying level of devolution allowing them to veto some acts of the UK government... the Two exceptions being Cornwall and England who don't posess any devolved powers. (Cornwall is debatable seeing as it's Stannary Parliament is officialy still allowed the right to veto but the UK government don't recognise it).

    The 6 Countries from North to South are....


    Isle of Man






    Great Britain. The collective name for every country within the UK except for Northern Ireland.

    Britain. The geographical name for the collection of Islands ranging from the Scottish Isles in the North to the Isles of Scilly in the South.

    United Kingdom. The Political name for the constituent countries within the British Isles. Signified by the Acto of union (The act which brought together the seperate nations as one Umbrella nation comprising of smaller constituent nations)

    England. One of 6 countries within the British Isles and The United Kingdom.

  3. Great Britain is the large island proper. The UK includes England, Ireland, Scotland and the rest of that area.

  4. great britain is the whole island that is made up of england/scotland/whales/etc...

    the UK is made up of great britain and northern ireland

  5. I always thought they were the same  

  6. cant u just wiki it u lazy bastich

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