Going to Paris in May or June?

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I'm thinking of going to Paris. Would May or June be a better time? I've read about how Parisians leave Paris to go to other parts of France, will that be around this time? Also, would there be more tourists in May or June? How is the weather? Thanks!




  1. Go in May =]  The end of July and all of August are the worst months of the year to visit Paris because most of the natives leave before the 'Tourist Infestation' as they so quaintly call it.  The earlier you go to France (or an European country, for that matter) the less touristy and more natural the country will be.

  2. I am going in May because it's cheaper, less people and if it gets cold wear a sweater or jacket and it will be okay.

  3. You can have a nice trip in either month. However, I would go in May given a choice. (Actually, I try to go in spring or fall and skip the peak season altogether. It's much less crowded and prices for hotels and airline tickets are cheaper.) There will be fewer tourists (although there will still probably be a lot) and the weather won't be as hot. The average high temperature in May is 64. In June, it's 78.

  4. May! xD

  5. I wanna go dammit.

  6. try june. my teacher has been there many times and she says that the weather is great. and in paris, there are alottt of tourists at any time of the year, but mostly in the warm climate..i know for sure that around april it is freezing over sister went a couple of years ago..

  7. Parisians (and French) leave their city in the second half of July and mostly in August for summer holidays. Usually the weather in May and June is good, and I don't think there are more tourists at that period.

  8. I am going in August!

  9. Definitely May over June. June will get hot and muggy as well as busy with tourists.

  10. I would go in april of march!

  11. which one is nearest to summer then go in that month and u would have a better time than u would have before

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