External Hard Drive Problem : SimpleDrive Hitachi... Hello All, Here's the problem; I hook it

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Hello All, Here's the problem; I hook it up, light comes on then instead of connecting to the PC it starts making beeping/buzzing type noise in about 4 second intervals continuously till it reaches either 7 or 11 in a row - It doesn't fell like the disc are spinning inside the HD - don't know what else it could be but my thought is that the disc are jammed (?) .... Any Ideas what else if anything that it could be & do you got a fix ? I know enough to take a pc apart and build one from parts, but never actually opened up a HD, though I do have all the tools if need be... What kinda solutions, options do I have - theoredically can I buy another of the same HD and change the disc to recover the 420g's I have saved as last resort ? Though about using retriving software but I do not see the drive listed to be able to retrive it... All out of ideas ~ Any HELP will be grately appreciated !!! THANKS ALL Wil


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