English to Russian transcription and phonetic translation

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  1. Hello my beautiful Elena,

    How wonderful it is to heard from you again.
    In this e-mail, I have many questions for you.

    Where do you live in Russia?
    Do you live alone or with family?
    Where do you work?
    Do you speak any English?

    How much do you know about me?
    Have you understood what I have written in my e-mails?

    Please answer these questions and e-mail me back.

    Love Johnny

  2. ya towe tebya ochen' sil'no lyubyu.  prosti menya za vchera ya ewe mnogo chego ne ymeyu i ne ponimayu, ya ne hotela tebya obiwat'.  tu mne ochen' dorog i ya dejstvitel'no tebya lyublyu

  3. would you like to go out for lunch?

  4. hello

  5. Krizhevskikh

  6. Happy New Year

  7. Cat

  8. how are you

  9. princess

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