Egypt holiday: sharm el shiek or luxor?

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hi, me and my boyfriend are thinkin of going on holiday to egypt and was looking at either of them two places. i cant say i know alot about egypt so....

what are pros and cons of both?

is communication difficult?

is there alot to see and do around both?

any information would be great

thanks in advance :)




  1. if you go to Luxor makesure you go to this place called "Twinky" the sell really good desserts!

  2. if you want to enrich your mind and knowledge , go to Luxor and Aswan , too.

    you would see rare , striking monuments .

    if you want to indulge in a seaside vacation, go to Sharm .

    you would swim, dive , sunbathe , snorkle , see the coral reefs .

    each  site has its attractions .

    you make your choice according to your taste .

    have a nice vacation .

  3. been to both,sharm is good for swimming,diving,but very commercialised,luxor is good for sight-seeing,karnak temple,valley of kings&queens,out of the two i choose luxor as the best choice,locals are great people.and prices for souvenirs are better,a trip on the nile for a day on a falouka is brill.also try a visit to karnak temple at night.

  4. In my opinion Luxor is a must. It has 2 thirds of Egypt's monuments. One can not come to Egypt and not visit the Karnak temple in Luxor for instance, to say the least. There are other sites that are very popular in Luxor like the valley of the Kings, the Queens and the nobles. The temple of Queen Hatshepsut is also very nice.

    This can be done in 2 days.

    Sharm el Sheikh is a Red sea resort for relaxation, water sports and short trips to other resorts nearby. Many people like it for their vacation cause it offers all elements required by vacationers.

  5. sharm

  6. We had the same question last year when booking our honeymoon.

    We chose Luxor because we wanted to see the history and enjoy walking along the Nile etc, rather than just lying on a beach and scuba diving.

    If you are in to scuba diving or just want to laze around then I think Sharm El Shiek is the place for you guys!

    If you are interested in the history of Egypt - which is really incredible - then Luxor is great!

    Luxor has Tutankhamun's tomb - the boy king.  You may have looked at him in school.  Really fascinating.

    Communication is not difficult because a lot of people in the tourist areas speak English.  There are those who want to get money out of you and can be quite scheming, but if you are streetwise it isn't a problem.

    It is a beautiful country, with an incredibly rich history.

    So I say it depends on what you are interested in!

  7. sharm el sheikh is a wonderful resort where u can swim, dive, parasail,watch mountains...... this kind of stuff

    Luxor also is a facinating place where u can see the amazing temples, historical places, nile cruise,......

    Both of them are hot during summer

    i forgot to mention there's no communication problems, there r a lot of banks & ATMs, & many wonderful hotels

  8. Sharm is better

  9. It depends what you are like as a traveller and what you want out of the holiday.

    Sharm is basically a resort. Like any other resorts anywhere else in the world. You will get all the comforts of home, good weather and nice diving/watersports. But you will get NONE of the culture or see the country you are going to which I personally think is a complete waste of time.

    Luxor on the other hand has so many fantastic sights to see, archeological digs, fantastic temples and is a nice part of Egypt from which to see local culture with some comforts too.

    But if you are going for two weeks I strongly reccomend you get the train up to Cairo too, you cannot go to Egypt without seeing the Pyramids or the Sphinx, or Islamic Cairo. Definately a LOT LOT LOT more to see and do than in bloody Sharm!!!

    Try getting a Lonely Planet book, that will give you so many fantastic ideas, answer any questions and really get you excited about your trip.

    Now your other question! lol:

    Communication is not difficult, a lot of people speak at least a little English, but try and learn a few phrases in Arabic too, basic greetings, please, thankyou, etc. Its only polite.

    Have a great time

  10. I'm from Egypt and me and my family went there a while ago for six months.  I've been to both Luxor and Sharm el Shiek.  I don't remember Luxor much, but I definitley remember Sharm el Shiek.  There's lots of great restaurants and the beach is beautiful.  I would definitley recommend Sharm el Shiek.  But wherever you decide to go, have a good time!  Egypt's a great place and more people need to start traveling there.

  11. if you are interested in ancient Egyptian monuments and sites then go to Luxor, if you interested more in beaches, snorkeling and cocktails then go to Sharm.

  12. I would go to Sharm as sharm has the sea and beautiful beaches and a good night life Naama bay is the main place in Sharm where you have hard rock, pacha, little budda, great restaurants.  You can dive, snorkel go quad biking in the mountains.  I think as a young couple you will enjoy sharm more there is more to do and Sharm is just for tourists mainly and the only Egyptians in sharm are working there.  

    Luxor has the Nile but no beaches or sea as it is main land.  You have the temples there so if you like history then you will enjoy Luxor however you can do a day trip to Luxor or Cairo to get some history in via plane which isn't to expensive it's £60 return to Cairo each not sure about price to Luxor but will be similar price.  

    I have been to sharm many times but never to Luxor but i would say there is more to do in Sharm and you can visit Luxor or Cairo if you want.  Everyone loves sharm as it is so beautiful.  

    You will have little to no communication problems most speak English very well and some speak others such as French, German, Russian, Italian you will be able to communicate well.

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