Driving from Melbourne to Sydney to Brisbane?

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In May/June of this year I'm relocating from Melbourne to Brisbane, but stopping in Sydney to visit my boyfriend's mother.

It is approx. 909km Melbourne to Sydney, then another 926km from Sydney to Brisbane.

I just wanted to find out how much it would cost for petrol for this trip. I drive a 2005 Toyota Echo Rush 1.3L 3 door Automatic, it is considered as a VL Vehicle.

Can anybody help me out or link me somewhere that could help me?




  1. bit hard to work out as fuel prices change every second day

  2. I recently drove to Melbourne from Sydney, in total I fuelled the tank 2 times (1.8L car), considering each to be around $70 bucks you are looking at around $140

    considering age of your car, it's very important to do a safety check on your car (tyres, break pads, oils etc..) don't forget to see a mechanic before trip

  3. Yeah a good service and saftey check would be a good idea.

    Toyota is extremely reliable car so nuthing shuold go wrong.

    And budget around $200 for fuel

  4. fuel consumption for that car averages out at 6.8litres/100km

    Total km is 1835

    125 litres of fuel required at $1.50/litre

    $188  would be required at those prices.

  5. WOW!

    That is gonna be a funfilled trip

    Try google-ing it...Sorry I couldnt help!

    I would love to go on a drive like that!!

    Have fun babe!

    x x x

  6. Well I guess if you don't do any sightseeings, hard to do though, you'll do 2000 k's, car taking about 13 k's to the liter, so 2000:13=153 liters. X 1.45= 223 dollars. Better keep a bit of extra margin, there's great places to visit and you might tak a wrong turn somewhere. I'd take at least 300 for fuel.

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