Does anyone know the meaning of this french surname??

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Im currently writing a story about a french girl whose name is Cécile Réquilé- but i aint gotta clue what the last name means. i dont want to call my character this if i dont know what it means. ive already searched the web and cant find its meaning- CAN ANYONE HELP ME???

p.s does the name sound good? does it flow? Cécile Réquilé?

a future thanks for your help!




  1. the name sounds good, but I couldn't find the surname meaning either

    you might like Richelieu, meaning "the home of a rich person"

  2. Quile in French is skittle in  English.  Maybe there is a relation.

  3. It appears to be the French equivalent of Raquel/Rachel, but I cannot confirm this

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