Does anyone here like polish food?

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cuz i hate it and my mom always makes it

if u do tell me wat u like




  1. not really

  2. Mostly polish sausage with perogies. Stuffed cabbage is good too.

  3. never tried it.

    i would like to though.

  4. Haloopki, Balini, Chow-Chow, and Halooshki..pickled eggs, Hot Bologna ( pickled Bologna).

    I love Polish foods but them I'm from NE Pa in the Coal Region...lots of Polish heritage up here....

  5. polish sausage and stuffed cabbage is always a wonderful combo.

  6. I like pierogies. The potato and cheese pierogies are really good.

  7. yes. SO Amazing! potatoe perogies = love!!!

  8. I love it! pierogi, golabki, bigos, schabowe, yumi!

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