Do dads and sons m********e together?

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  1. Guest59195
    I started to w**k with my dad at 14 he was 32. I walked in on him having a w**k.That night he walked in the bathroom and I was wanking. We looked at each other and started to laugh the he joined me. We've been doing it ever since and after a while he did let me suck him off.Iam 56 now he is 74 and still do it. On my 18th birthday he fucked me bareback as my present.I met my boyfriend at 21 he was 23 and he told me I had a good looking dad. I told my dad this and one day after smoking dope I got my dad and boyfriend together,it was great.Dad has now moved in with us and the 3 of us share the same bed, its great. my dad gets his d**k sucked by me his son and his son in law ,my now husband.I know they have it with each other when I'm at work ,as my hubby always tells me.My Hubby also calls him Dad

  2. Guest58802

     I wish my dad and I had been close enough to m********e together.

  3. Guest58290

     I have ja**ed off with my dad. For many years we would do it together. I lived with my dad and he was real open about it. It is not a big deal. A great father and son bonding experience. My dad is my best friend and I'm sure this has helped.

  4. Guest21499

     I think it is a natural thing, when my brother and I were young we would do it to each other. Wish it lasted longer. 

  5. Guest10673
    There's nothing ugly, or taboo about it, when in these cases the son, nephew, whatever, feel fine with the whole thing, and really like what's happening.  And they both get off, or don't, but would like to do it again in the near future.
  6. Chris105

    I am sure there are fathers and sons who share this experience with each other.  I am 36, me and my father have masturbated together since I was 12.  We get together twice a week and m********e together.  During the football season after a game is over we will go down to his man cave,  he has a couch down in the man cave.  We will take our clothes off, sit next to each other and stroke.  We will even stroke each other and when we are both done give each other a kiss, put our clothes back on and I will leave and go home.  I love spending this time with him.

  7. I used to w**k with my dad often and talk what we liked with our dicks. It started when I was 15 and carried on till he died when I was 37 and he was 60. Now and again he would let me suck him off

  8.  Alas and alack, I was not as fortunate as some of the posters here. My dad was more interested in drinking and chasing skirts. His brother, my uncle, is the one that was my intructor in things sexual. He showed me how to m********e when I was 11yo. After a year or so he intructed me in how to give a bj. By the time I was 14 I had experienced the joys of having given him sexual pleasure, anally. Was I abused? NEVER!I was never forced into any position that I was uncomfortable with. We carried on with each other until I went into the service at age 19. I lead a very straight life until after my kids left the house when I was 48. Then I acted upon my m2m s*x. Am living with a man that I truely love now at age 75.

  9.  Well I want to m********e with my dad but I can't but I saw his d**k once and it was huge and hairy enough to Have a throat full of d**k well he is kinda old now but I still want to , pls comment for or advice


  10. Christ how did I stumble across this site? Sounds like a bunch of perves with daddy or son fantasys. Sleeping with your uncle at 13 is disgusting and so is wanking with your father under 16. I bet 99% of the stories on here are fake and from your fantasy world. Get a real life and go out and get LAID rather then making up bullshit about wanking and f*****g your dads, sons or uncles. 

  11.  I used to watch my dad m********e whenever I could in our basement or garage. The most erotic visual I have to this day. What surpried me is that he was very strict with us, so to find a large stash of mega p**n really stirred my juices. He also jacked with other guys that I would view through a place I made in our basement, all straight and all married. We eventually talked about this and did JO quite a number of times, all natural, no abuse, just guys, he just happened to be my father. This is a bond that we still have today and I am grateful for!

  12.  I wish my dad would bond with me like that : (

  13.  Tradition for generations in my family.

  14.  So hard reading this rn

  15.  I'm 19 now but my dad explained masturbation and showed me how to do it before puberty. He raised me as a nudist so it wasn't unusual for me to see him hard. He demonstrated on himself and had me follow his lead. I still live with him and our bond is very strong. If you're a dad or adult son (18+ only) and want to know more email me at 

  16. As a child my father would have me shower with him. I was always impressed by the size of his flacid p***s. I once asked him if I could touch his p***s when we were showering together and he was quite shocked about it and said no. We stopped showering together and my dad was always shy about being nude with me afterwards.

    I really got most of my sexual education from my uncle Pierre. He would take me to the public swimming pool every other weekend. I would always look forward to watch him naked in the locker room and in the showers. Being a construction worker, he had quite muscular and hairy body with a dark tan.  I was also very much attracted to the sight and size of his flacid p***s. But he didn't never to mind me staring at him and would always let me get a good look at his body.

    I especially enjoyed watching him wash his p***s in the showers afterwards. He would always be quite thorough about it, pulling his f******n back slowly as he would lather up his s*****m . He would always instruct me to do the same to make sure my genitals were properly washed up. I would sometimes get an erection in the showers and my uncle would simply grin and tell me not to worry about it and made me feel at ease about it.

    My uncle and I would always go in the sauna afterwards. I truly enjoyed it as it allowed us to spend more time naked together. I will always remember that day when we were in the sauna by ourselves and we both had an erection.  I could not help but stare at his big uncut p***s.  My uncle really didn't make any effort to conceal it. I was 13 years old then. He asked me if I liked to play with my p***s and proceeded to show me how to jerk off. He even let me stroke his p***s while he touched mine. That's when I ejaculated for the first time.  So this became our little routine.  Whenever were both alone in the locker room, we ended up jerking off together or jerking off each other.

    A few months later, I spent a week a my uncles' place because my parents were away on holiday.  We would sleep together naked in his bed and would fool around.  He even let me suck on his p***s and he did the same to me return.  I would sleep cuddled up against his warm body.

    This carried on for a few years.  When I turned 16, we started working out at the gym together.  I also started sleeping over at his place at least once a week.  And in the Summer he would take me camping where again we would spend a lot of time naked and exploring each others body.

    Needless to say that I had a very close relationship with my uncle. He's the one who truly guided me through puberty into manhood. And I always felt comfortable to ask him any questions about my sexuality or any other normally taboo topic. I truly think that if it wasn't for the nudity we shared at the swimming pool's locker room, I would not have bonded so tightly with him

  17. I m********e w/ my two boys. 14 and 9 no big deal.

  18. Absolutely. I started masturbating with my dad when I was 12, almost 13. It started during a camping trip. We went swimming shallow pond and he didn’t bother dressing after (swimming naked was normal back then). He told me I didn’t have anything to be embarrassed about, and that I was growing up just right for my age. He even said he was surprised at the big wiener I had. I decided to stay bare like him.

    Later that night we talked about s*x (“the talk”) and shared a beer (which was acceptable in those days). I got an erection and he told me not to hide it, he said I should be proud of my body now that it was about to start becoming a man. He had an erection too and said I could look if I wanted. I also touched his face to feel his whiskers and his hairy chest. He told me about puberty and stuff, and what to expect when my body started changing. Then we talked about masturbation. He explained it to me and showed me on his body, then I copied what he did, and soon we were just doing it together. It went from a very simple explanation to real masturbation. I had never seen sperm before and when he ejaculated he saved it on his hand to show me. Then I ejaculated and just a tiny bit of goo bubbled out of my pee hole. He told me I was a man now, even if my body had not really started changing yet. He said what I made could make a son of my own, so that made me a man.

    We went to sleep naked that night sharing a sleeping bag and I cuddled up to him like when I was little. He put his arms around me and we slept like that, it was great. One of my very best memories of him.

    The next day we didn’t put clothes on (except I put on my shirt because I was cold in the morning), and when he got another erection he started playing with it and I sat beside him and played with mine until we both ejaculated again. It was just a really fun, great experience.

    We continued masturbating together quite often even after we got home. I’m a grown man now and my father is long since passed on. This was many years ago and we continued sharing our private father-son time for a long time. I’ve always looked back on our times together with a very special kind of love and affection for my dad. I have never felt abused or harmed in any way. There was never any expectation or force on his end, and I never felt obligated to do anything I didn’t want to. I’m not saying this would be right for all fathers and sons, but for us it was.  As I look back I wonder if he shared the same experiences with his dad. I wish I had asked.

  19. Me and my dad starting masturbating together when I was 14.  It is total male bonding, not abuse. Masturbation is something that all males do so we just decided to start doing it together.  My mom to this day has never known.  I grew up in a normal house and was just close to my dad and I still am.  It was always something we looked forward to doing and it was fun.  We did it about 3 times a week together.

  20. Some do. Its male bonding

  21. Not all, but many do, I masturbated with my dad off and on since I was 14, I am 43 now and we still get together once or twice a month to jack-off and enjoy the closeness.  I never felt abused, it was never a dirty thing. Only closed minded people make it dirty.

  22. It's more common than most people think.  I am 35 now and my dad I masturbated together once or twice a week for many years.  Not so much any more, but I never felt abused, I never felt it was wrong, It was a healthy and fn bonding experience for me.  I found out much by accident one of my buddies also did the same thing with his dad, and uncle for many years, and always looked forward to it.  I was about 13 when we first started, and it was never anything ugly, like many people try to make it.

  23. Some do, some don't.  I personally have been part of a support group for children who have had troubled up bringings.

    Yes, indeed, some fathers and sons do m********e together.

    Is it a good thing?  I can only say that for those who feel the need for counselling and support groups, it wasn't.  I'd imagine for those who feel positively, or indifferent about, they'd be less inclined to join, or seek out such groups for aide, since they'd most likely not feel the need for such things.

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