Do African Americans also live in Australia?

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Do African Americans also live in Australia? I only saw one black person over there.




  1. Not many.  There are quite a lot of recent immigrants from Africa though, I think mainly from Sudan. They really stand out because they are so tall!

    People from anywhere are welcome.

  2. We do have indigenous people who are have dark skin. Didn't you notice that?

    Also we have an increasing amount people of African origin choosing to call Australia home. I suppose you could call them African-Australians if you really wanted to label them.

  3. We have people of many different skin colour here, the indigenous Aborigines of course, and recent immigrants from Sudan and Somalia, not sure about African-Americans but assume there are some here. And then there are people from India, SE Asia and the Pacific Islands.

    Infamous' comments are inflammatory, ignorant, stupid, racist and plain wrong, he doesn't even know the difference between Australia and New Zealand and can't know either country as when he talks about signing a Bill to ban all blacks- stupid just stupid response

  4. Yes....there are some here.....

  5. There are many blacks in Australia (Aborigines), but not many African Americans.

    African Americans live in America (hence the name African-AMERICAN)!!! There's probably a handful, mostly tourists, in Australia.

  6. Ive known a few that live here.. So yeah, they live here! Although they arent native to this country like Aboriginals are!

  7. Yes there are.

    But there are many black people here who are NOT Americans. Many are indigenous as well  as those from Africa proper.

    I think you didn't travel too much within Australia otherwise you will see more than just the one person.

    In my area, I see black Africans regularly.

    G'day to you.

  8. Yes.  They emigrate here and take up citizenship.  Many NBL basketball players have taken up citizenship and some have played for Australia in the Olympics.

    50 Cent will be touring here next week.  I didn't want him here.  Not because he's African American, but because he's a self absorbed wanker

  9. yes. especially in Perth, because when they were in the us navy, they liked the place so much during their many visits that they migrated here after retirement from the us navy.

  10. Definately, chatted to one recently who left America for Australia cause its safer

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