Debate on criminals are wicked and deserve punishment for the motion?

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Debate on criminals are wicked and deserve punishment for the motion?




  1. Guest59471

     I think this is wrong because nobody is inborn criminal actually the circumstances make them so.....lyk in the drama Bishop nd the candlesticks convict was not really born as a criminal but seeing the condition of his wife he has done so....what if u have to face the same situation in future.....what would u do??....will u accept ur wyf or any loved ones dying in front of ur own....touch wood....this would nt happen to u but just imagine....all the criminals are nt bad....some do crime for some good in hindi there is saying....for a good cause if u lie then it is equal to100 truths....same is in the case for today's world many innocent are being given punishment instead of giving punishment to the one who is at last i want to just say that first judge what is wrong nd what is ryt...nd then take the nxt step....

  2. Guest57434

    Criminals should be punished according to their crime. Most of the peoples opinion is that criminals are stealing because of poverty. But nowadays our govt is giving food at low cost for those who are not able to buy foods. Now crimes like murder, rape etc are increasing because of these criminals. So they should be punished as they are wicked peoples. If we go on giving them second chance then we are doing nothing expect risking our lives. They should realize the seriousness of the crimes they committed.

  3. Guest57341

    There are many people saying out there that NO man is a criminal by birth, criminals need to be treated love and affection and their environment made them a criminal, so in that case one should be given punishment for i got the golden chance..i hate 2-3 people desparately, I am going to murder them and please treat me with love and you think that will be fair? ...if yes then keep moving on your thoughts...if no..then copy mine..☺


    Hope you got it...



  4. Guest56851

     Some people out here say criminals r humans and need luv to change but if they had to change wouldn't they change long ago if one is not punished for a crime the other will take it as an opportunity to do the crime but escape this will increase the crime rate a lot



  5. I think criminals should be punished in some cases because for some criminals they don't understand without giving punishment. With out giving punishment they do't know what is crime and what is not. They will not be ready to listen to someone who says about him. he gets angry when someone say and commit a crime or behave indecently. As humans are innocent they don't know which is the right path and which is not. they think that the path which they go is the right one


  6.  criminals are wicked and deserve punishment, is afeathered statemnt with avery fine line and it is w\as wrong as it can get. criminals arent wicked, i mean like no one is actually wicked, but it is their or our environment that shapes or forces them to do something like one is born great and no one is absolutly born ac riminial. when we say criminal, we usually think of aperson who has commited a murder or like stolen something, but the correct and to the point definition is a criminal is aperosn who has gone the wrong path, and he has done something that he not ought to do, planned or unmeditated. you see there is no differnce betwwen a meditated crime and unmeditated crime. one may think that an meditated crime is more brutal, but in reality, its has exaclty the same circumstances of an unmeditated or an impulsive one. of course, crime always occurs through qualities and neccisities like greed, revenge, need or poverty, and even foolishness. there is no real criminal in this world, its all a play of the situation and the emotion. of course,, there are people who would beg to differ, but i am preetty sure what i mean is may think that a cold or a serial killer is a real criminal, and that he really should be punishe,d but we must also consider the situations and incidents that brought his mindset that way. in his earlier days, he must have had a traumatic expirence, which lead to this becoming of a criminal. now take an example. we all know that nelson mandela is one of the best people to have lived. one might also call hiom the oppod\site of the criminal.let us take mandela and another  typical teenager, who gets involved in the life of crime. at first, let us think of the serires of events that shaped nelson mandela into what he became, in his childhood days, he probably saw hios contrymen benig slaughtered or tortured by the white people. bur\t this typical teenager, had another series of events. in his life, he probably had everything a man could wnat. a family,education,enoughtowar and enough to eat, but he probalty had another deficiency like he didnt get much attention from his family ast home. he probably thought that his father was too busy with his job and mother with the serial that he took to drugs. after hitting the drug chai, he had to coommit other crimes due to the circumstances, and had to go to think the other way. if nelson was in this boys shoes, and thus boy was in nelsons shoes, would they have done it differenlty, if they had the exact same events in their livs, they would be each other. the criminal is something strange. of course, a criminal dosent mean a murder or a theif, it could also be your friend who stole a pen of yours, yes after all, even with stuff like that, a crim is a reality he should be counselled, made to understand and helped if he has any rpoblem. he, at the most usual cases would have three reaason for doing it, that is he has kleptomania, he is in need of apen or he hates you. and all three of them can be solved. isnt it just better to solve them then to punish him??? so we should all understand, that there is no real criminal anywhere. anyone can be made to understand what is right and to execute it.criminalism is basically like a diesease. if you have a disease once, then you body creates an antibody and you dont fall ill with the same disease again. same for criminalism. you were good once. you had reason and you did a crime. but you were made to undertan what you did was wrong, you repented it. therefore, you will never coommit a crime like that, ever again.

    so, there is noreal criminal in this worlds. anyone can be made tunderstand what good is and how it wins everytime.


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  8. yeeeeees it is true that these are wicked and deserve punishment....................................................  if you don't know then why are you asking this question

  9. please help for the motion 'criminals are wicked and deserve punishment'

  10.  i know situations force a person to commit a crime bt i have 2 speak in favour that criminals deserve punishment really need it plzz help





  11. ummm..... actually i was searching 4 the information for the same topic but unfortunately i dint got any kind of help :P lol ..... but still............. i loved reding ol ur thought specially of some people writing PJ's ...... hahahahhaha i loved it.... XD


  12. Most people say that the criminals are also humans but so are the victims .In many cases the  victims are treated inhumanely .What quality of a good human being is expressed there?

  13.  the oerson who has written that the criminals are s**t 

    den i think u r also s**t because aum or oder day u mast hav done a crime

    must not be big but a small sin lyk not obeying ur parents..

    hence think b4 u post 

  14.  No man take birth as a criminal. Their circumstances force them to do what their heart never wills. Their circumstances can be anything it can be due to poverty, ailments or shortage of food. As in the drama bishops candlesticks the convict steals to save his wife from suffering which he never wanted to do. But there was no way other than stealing. But after stealing as by his luck he was caught. And the punishment given to him was too big for his shoes. This was just an example. Imagine how many people in this world would be suffering like this.Instead of understanding the pros and cons of the prisoner he is chained and whipped behind the bars. After a great suffering in the jail they just convert the criminals into a wild beast. Criminals are also human beings and they need to be consulted.No man is born great and no man is a criminal.They want to get wok but there is no employement for them because of shortage of wealth.

    Society should treat them like normal people.They should be consulted and given a job.People are the future.People should change the world.In this generation by stealing or by lazing around there is no escape.They have to be preached in a certain manner.


    By these i conclude that criminals arent wicked and do not deserve punishment.


    we can leave even 1000 criminals to escape but nowhere should one innocent be prosecuted


  15.  i dont think criminals deserve punishment. they are made made into a beast of what they are. when someone  is sentenced for life imprisonment, then they obviously will turn vulgar nd revengeful. as a result, if they escape from jail, the will be subjected to committing more crimes. so, i feel that  before sending any criminal to jail to makin any harsh decisions, we should first try to find out the reason behind his crime and what prompted him to do so. if the reason is not too bad, then he can be given counseling and then given a second chance. only then he can turn over a new leaf and start afresh.

  16.  criminals are the bad stains of our world..........whom we washed by pouring acids........then also they dont get unstained!!!

  17. a lot hav written a lot about the topic: "criminals are wicked and deserve punishment"

    i came to this website through a search about the above mentioned topic in google. as u al hav written about your tempted me to i would like to say that...............................................................................................................








































































































































    criminals are wicked and they really deserve punishment....sorry it was a PJ [;P]

  18.  really i dont think soooooooooooooooooooooooo


  19. yes u guys r rite always rite



  20.  no one is to the point of the question

  21. cnt sm1 answer properly..?

  22. cnt sm1 answer properly..?

  23.  Can somone give a proper answer in a para on this topic for the motion ??? i really need it for a debate .......... i know against the motion is betta ........ but cant help it .......... somone pls ......... in a very formal manner ........

  24.  ru put of ur mind..............


  25. any one has said dt criminals are future of our country

    criminals who dnt knw dere future hw could be they future of our country

    and do u want ur country to be corrupted wid leading the future of a corrupt people

    hey its nt a joke it is the matter of our country

  26. i accept wht u say but criminals r not criminals from there birth so they to desreve a chance

    for example if u did a crime in a case like u dont have money to pay the land lords then what will u do at that time thing about it....


  27. Eliminate all the criminals & make our earth a happy one                 


                                                                             Byyyyyyyyy  KAS 0018

  28.  crime is not there in criminals since birth but due to some circumstances it makes them to do crime at the wrost level......... its the fault of us of our society

  29. hehehe..criminals..?!?!?!

    dey r dose bad stains of dis society evn if u try to finish dem wid acid its verrryyy less....dey deserve more...!!!

  30.  oooooo maa ke lodo saalo tumhe kya lagta hai bach jaoge saalo fadke rakh dunga tumhari

  31. criminals must be punished they cant just simply get away with their respective crimes....u cant go bloody shoot a person n wait untill u realise u did sumthin wrong..cause by doing doesnt brings back the life of that person back..!!! the end of topic..

  32.  ha ha ha 

    criminals are bad guys .................they should be punished 

  33.  the criminals are like s***s..................,beasts and  the moreover dirty micro-organism  who are creating our environment dirty and they are a diseases which is spreading more quickly than h1n1or aids  virus.

    so it is better that they will stay in prison only if they were left out side they will make our life a mess......

    thats all :-

  34.  According to me... crimals should be punishesd according to their crimes... They are not criminals by birth... Situations force them to dO so..! 

    Poverty is also the major reason for committing the crimes. 

    Thats all! :D

  35. criminals r humans n luv n kindness r nvr wasted.they make d sufferer feel btr n d giver feel much more btr!!!!!!!!!

    n i hve seen many ans as blah blah ..........if u hve no will 2 ans dis den fr what h**l do u visitb dis question???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  36.  crimanals should b punished ............if they r not then they would spoil our life with their crimes.............

    • According 2 me they deserve punishment at d rght time nd 4 d committed crime. It also a warning 2 d future generations to come.

    • Also giving them a 2nd chance allows them to realize thier own mistakes.

  37.  crimdtbj

  38. humans turn into a criminal when their chilhood is affected

  39. IF THE CRIMINALS ARE HUMAN BEINGS........ AIN'T US ????????? IF WE GO ON  GIVING THEM SECOND CHANCES then we are doing nothing except risking OUR OWN LIVES!!!!!!!!


  40. all those who say that criminals shouldnt be punished are they too criminals................i think criminals should be treated in the manner the they treated innocent people

  41. there is actually no difference b/w u ad criminals. criminals r human beings ad we r humans .they r not devil bt situations made them daily life we also do some devil things the difference is in the thinking of ones mind.we usually do for our enjoyment ad they for thier this is my message to the sweet crminals that god have given u 2 legs ,2arms ad may be a good looking personality not for doing crime bt for doing  hard work ad maintaing 1s personality


  43. Criminals should be punished but it should be according to the crime he did and we should understand his situation.No one is born as a criminal in this world.The situation makes him a criminal.

  44. Criminals should be punished,but according to his/her crime.This would not only create a fear in the criminal but also those who are about to commit a crime.

  45. Criminals should be punished,but according to his/her crime.This would not only create a fear in the criminal but also those who are about to commit a crime.

  46. Criminals should be punished,but according to his/her crime.This would not only create a fear in the criminal but also those who are about to commit a crime.

  47. criminals aint wicked. they are just stealing due to poverty and shortage of food. they must be consulted and reformed then only the country can become a good one :)


  48. criminals are not so good .but what they are doing ................  they do in seeing their family problems .  but in axis it is very big problem 4r country & most peoplr also commit on this.... thanks & just follow it....

  49. m against it as criminals are nt born as dey r now there circumstances force dem watever dey r doing...dey hav 2 be given a proper treatement .......HATE THE SIN ND NT D SINNER........we should follow it..

  50. crimanls should be deserve as my self i am acriminal

  51. the criminals shud b punished as dey r a curse 4 a country & its people. if dey r given punishment dat will b a model 2 others & will made not 2 do it again.

  52. criminals ab bas bhi karo......kab tak yuhi gande kaam karke puri duniya safaat kardoge are baba kyun apne gunah bada rahe ho-jungli's kuch to tameez sharam aur haya rakho apne andar

  53. ha ha they shoul not be punished yaaar they too r man & people like us so they shoudn't be punished got it....... :)

  54. criminals are like wild beast.Society should treat them like normal people.They should be consulted and given a job.People are the future.People should change the world.In this generation by stealing or by lazing around there is no escape.They have to be preached in a certain manner.Deserves severe punishment should give,then only the other common follow.that's all.Thank You

  55. noo....criminals shouldn't be punished but given one more chance to improve themselves. Maybe they realize their mistake.

  56. criminal are like wildbeast konwing no mercy.
    have no chance of reformation even if given opportunities.
    deserve sverest punishment to teach others againest repetition of such non-human crimes.
    severst physical punishment given to them in gulf countries support this .view

  57. criminalz r aftral dey deserve punishment...!!! again.....sum jst make bad choices....or sum r obliged 2 do dat....!!!moreover d punishment must depend on d crime committed!!

  58. no they are very good persons they should not get any punishment..............they are the future of our country..........right????????????? everyone should be a criminal.............try to be a criminal

  59. crime is a crime and requires a lesson. i mean that no matter what a criminal should be given a proper punishment according to d crime he has committed. he should not be left free untill he realizes the seriousness of the comitted CRIME.

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