Country singer with a deep voice?

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There is a country singer that is younger who has a very unique and deep voice.. the song was on the slower side and i have no idea who sings it or the title.. but i loved it!




  1. Guest500542

     Josh Turner.     Singing Your Man

  2. Guest500542

     Johnny cash singing Ghost Riders In The Sky

  3. Ken Newman

     Maybe Trace Adkins, he has a real deep voice so do some searching on his songs.

  4. houimli midou

     I'm gonna say something a little different. Is it Josh Turner?

  5. Abhishek Shah

    I say Jason Michael Carroll <3

  6. Anne Gyldenku00e6rne

    Maby Scotty Mccrerry

  7. Linda Lane
    Chris Young?  Was it "Gettin' You Home" or "Drinkin' Me Lonely?"  Both are great songs and he is a relative unknown.
  8. Maarten Andriessen
    randy travis
  9. Virginie VANNIER
    I am trying to think of a song by a male country singer with a really deep voice. Its a cowboy type song, something about herding cows... But I think its a faster song. With almost a cattle theif kind of feeling to it. I just really like the guys voice in this song, I've heard it on the radio a few times but I never catch the name. Let me know if you have any ideas who it could be. Thanks.
  10. Becky Donner
    Johnny Cash....he had a deep voice; and was one of the best country singers out there

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