Common thread between "Great Expectations", "A Seperate Peace", and "Pride and Prejudice"?

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I have to write a 2-3 page essay comparing the three novels mentioned above. It has to prove that I have not only read the three novels but that I have understood them too. I'd like some ideas just to ponder over. I am still reading them and I only have until Sept. 5.

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  1. Interesting selections. At first glance, I'd say all three deal with the  issues of social class, stereotypes and how those preconceptions affect relationships.

  2. (I've only read Great Expectations and Pride and Prejudice)

    Attitudes to money is obvious. Comparing Mrs Bennet to Miss Havisham could be fun, particularly in terms of what they want out of their daughters' marriages (i.e. status, money vs revenge) and how they attempt to manipulate said daughters. Or Miss Haversham and Lady Catherine De Bourgh (another manipulator). The role of weak minded men who get influenced away from their true friends (Pip from Joe and Birdie, Mr Bingley from Jane) and also Joe's selflessness and Jane's. Or the role of snobbery again (Pip ashamed of Joe and Mr Darcy and Elizabeth - although their attitudes are slightly different and you could contrast them).

    In terms of themes: Bitterness (Mrs and Mr Bennett, Mrs Haversham, etc). The role of upbringing on the child, Estella being the obvious, compared to how Mr and Mrs Bennett were blaimed for Lydia, Darcy taught to be overly proud. Lydia influencing Kitty.

    Or from the authors perceptions: the styles (happy ending versus quite depressing. Well, if you are using Dicken's preferred ending and not the original published ending.

  3. Weird. I only have read Great Expectations and A Seperate Peace but not Pride and Prejudice. Getting to it though =D

  4. Have a look at these study guides.  They should give you some ideas about your question and help you with your work with Great Expectations.  Also do a search for the novel title here on Yahoo Answers and you will find that many other questions have been asked about it, and those questions and answers should be of help to you.

    Some help for Pride and Prejudice:

  5. Well, I have not read Great Expectations but I have read the other two. That is a very interesting question though.

    In both Pride and Prejudice and A Separate Peace there are major themes of prejudice and judgment and preconceptions.

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