Clothing customs

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  1. Japanese clothing is strange in style and design. The conventional Japanese clothing is the Kimono which has been an international favorite design since long ago. Apart from dresses, footwear is also given same significance in Japan. During the 20th century fashion and clothing in Japan has gone through interesting modifications. Street fashion which was normally a blend of western and oriental styles was particularly famous among the young age-band. At one point of time, the Victorian design of clothing and make up had also fascinated the Japanese teenagers. Jointly with the ever changing fashion the clothing style in Japan also continues to alter itself.

    There are different styles of kimono including formal and casual designs; a great assortment of vintage kimono styles for all seasons and occasions is available at the different cities of the county. For those who are looking for a kimono sash and other fine silk kimono accessories, they can get finest traditional Japanese clothing accessories from the different shop located at Japan. Most of the people interested in purchasing vintage kimono and other accessories will either wear the item to a special event or will proudly shows it as the fabulous piece of art. Although western culture and fashion has made its importance in the Japanese culture, but the conventional clothing styles has not lost its importance. The traditional dresses have even made an impression in the western world. Few of the items which come within the traditional Japanese clothing are given below:

    • Kimono

    • Yukata

    • Obi Belt

    • Kimono Sash

    • Happi coats

    • Tabi socks

    • Zori sandal

    • Geta sandal

    • Hakama pants


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