Chile vs Zambia 2010 football World Cup warm up preview

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 Chile vs Zambia 2010 football World Cup warm up preview

Chileans have a lot to look forward to, they already made to South Africa’s World Cup and are trying out their final squad to field while Zambia has the next Worlds to hope for. Chile qualified for the the world cup in style with a win over the Colombia in a free fall of goals. The match ended in 4-2 win over the Colombians, confirming why Chile is one of the best in the world. Chile is in the same group with Switzerland, their fellow South Americans Honduras and the favorites to win the tournament Spain. Chile have their energies focused on South Africa and are going to take this chance to make all the necessary changes.

Coach Bielsa will want to sharpen his attackers and tighten his defense .He has a good shot at finishing the second place in the group and proceed to the next round in South Africa, but from their he will be playing teams that are as strong as his team, this clash may not be a battle of the titans but they are going to get all the opposition they require. Chile lost by 1-0 to Mexico recently. They are going to be fighting to overcome this bad memory and come out with a victory this time round. This time they are going to go an extra mile to prove to their home fans that are not going to break their hearts in South Africa.

Zambia famously known as the “Chipolopolos” had a good chance of winning their finals spot in the World Cup but they were eliminated. The Zambian team is hard to talk about without mentioned the plane crash that took away all their squad in the nineties crippling their progress badly. They have since then risen from the ashes and are ranked at number 71st position by FIFA. They managed to reach the quarter finals in the recently finished African Cup Nations, where they were eliminated by Nigeria on penalties. This match against the Chileans is going to a herculean task for the side to pull off, and a win may seem to be a farfetched dream for the African side.

Recent Form 

Overall form in their last encounters LWDWWW
Mexico 1-0 Chile Chile 0-0 Venezuela Chile 2-0 Trinidad and Tobago Slovakia 1-2 Chile Chile 2-1 Panama

Overall recent form DWLDWD
Zambia 0-0 Nigeria Gabon 1-2 Zambia Cameroon 3-2 Zambia South Korea 2-4 Zambia
Zambia 1-1 Tunisia

Player Analysis 

Herbato Souza is going to be the player to watch out for in the Chileans side who plays for Real Zaragoza. Chris Katongo is going to be the player to watch out for in the Zambian squad.

Betting Tips 

Chileans are coming into this match comfortably knowing they are playing in front of a very supportive home side that is not going to leave their side at any one moment. They want to prove to them that their qualification to South Africa was not as fluke and they can live up to the moment. This is displayed by the amount of the confidence the book makers have in them to win this encounter.1.28 is the odd that they have on them to win this encounter. Some bookies are offering a 1.32 odd to Chileans favour.

Zambias win is long shot with an odd off 9.63 with some bold bookmakers offering an odd of 13.00 for their win. A draw is at 4.69 and some highs of 5.25 by some bookmakers. This shows that the Zambians are not being ruled out of the clash but a win is quite out of reach for them. It will be unwise to wager against the Chileans.



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