Can you mount the Simmons 22 Mag 4X32 Rifle Scope scope Remington Air Master.177 Air Rifle both at

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i think it will look awesome....




  1. Sure it would look cool. Check the rings, they must fit the groove on your air rifle and hold a 1" scope. A much better choice than air gun scopes like looking through ta straw.

  2. i yes has it. as was said before, make sure the rings/mounts are okay on the rifle

  3. >>Can you?<<

    You can, you can also do better

    Later: <added> The Remington AirMaster 77 is a multi-pump pneumatic, not a spring piston air rifle. Recoil is not the problem.

    The advantage of an airgun scope on this type of rifle is because of parallax. The closer the target, the greater the parallax affect. An airgun scope is, or at least should be parallax adjusted or adjustable(AO) for airgun ranges.

    Rimfire(.22 LR) scopes are typically* parallax adjusted to 50 yards. Centerfire scopes are typically* adjusted for ranges of 100 yards and greater.

    *Yes, I know that not ALL of them are.

  4. yes

  5. Sure, you can mount it on the air rifle.  With that said, the air rifle will probably trash the scope.

    An air rifle's recoil is like that of a snapping whip, and most all scopes for rimfire or centerfire rifle are not built to withstand the type of recoil from an air rifle.

    You will be wasting money and ruining a good scope.  Why not check out Pyramydair and get an air rifle scope to start with?

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