Can you dumpster dive in north carolina?

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  1. Guest60195

    As a law enforcment office in NC. I can tell you that it is legal, as long as it is not on private property or there is a sign saying no tresspassing.  Any thing in a dumpster is public domain.

    The companies that own the dumpster could careless if you are taking anything from them. They get paid to haul it away.  Just one of the previous post had stated. IF you follow those rules you are fine. I have never have arrest or given a fine to anyone for dumpster diving or have heard of any of my fellow officers do so. 





  2. Guest58241

     i think its bull if its in the trash its public property police say it all the time while looking for evidence to convict someone of a crime

  3. Guest56931
    I find it very funny as I have seen 2 policemen dumpster diving behind Roses while in uniform and the police car was parked right beside the dumpster. That was years ago and ever since then I see those cops parking there at least twice a week. Yes in North Carolina. I even thought about filming them so if I start dumpster diving I got them on video if they pull up.
  4. Guest56716

     It is not illegal to dumpster dive in North Carolina, but it is a felony if it is on private propery or if the owner tells you to leave and you don't comply. I hope that answers your question.

  5. Guest56360

     just do it and be quick don't hang out like you're waiting for a meal, have your mind made up what you are looking for or need get it and go..



  6.  Well, Paul Coty is right. This is from a lawyer in North Carolina. It is illegal to dumpster dive in North Carolina. You will be charge with felony trespassing, theft, breaking and entry, grand larceny, just to name a few, with a prison term from 20 - 40 yrs. in prison. 


    It doesn't matter where the dumpster is located and what you plan on doing with the contents. It doesn't matter if the dumpster is located on private property, or public. You will also be charged with criminal possesion of stolen property. 


    Best of luck.*****The above is for informational purposes only and does not create an attorney-client privilege.*****

  7. DDing is not illegal in NC. I do it all the time and have encountered police while doing so all they ask me to do is clean up after my self and if i ever find anything good...30yrs in prison? Bullshit!

  8. I called the Magistrate in Rowan County NC and was told it is not illegal to remove items from the roadside, but it is to take items from containers clearly marked for recycling.... So I am at a loss here as to what is right and wrong......

  9. You can DD in North Carolina.  I personally spoke with the Magistrate of the County in which i live, (Mountains of NC), and was told, that there is no law against it, and that the only problem that could "possibly" occur would be a ticket for trespassing, but that he had never is his 25 years as Magistrate, seen or heard of anyone ticketed for it, UNLESS they were told to leave and refused, or were specifically DD'ing in or on property where it is prohibited or where signs are posted that it is not allowed.

    So, trespassing would be the worst offense that could happen, and many times if you speak with the manager, you can get permission to do it.

    Remember the simple rules tho...

    1.  Always be polite and cooperative when confronted or asked to leave.
    2.  NEVER EVER take anything that is not OBVIOUSLY discarded.  If it is not
        IN the dumpster, touching the dumpster, or in the contained area housing
        the dumpster, then it is probably a good idea to let it alone.  When in
        doubt...DON'T.  For example a mop and bucket outside the back door, that
        is not beside the dumpster, more than likely left there accidentally and
        forgotten by an employee.  A nice sturdy chair, sitting by the door,
        where employees may take their break to smoke etc.  anything like that.
        Don't take advantage of the opportunity to find great items, by taking
        things that you are not SURE to be discarded.
    3.  Be considerate, NEVER leave a mess, clean up after yourself.
    4.  Be sure you have ID on you when DD'ing
    5.  Be careful of broken glass, animals, etc.  best to always use gloves of
        some sort, and keep hand sanitizer with you.  A couple of old towels are
        often handy as well, to help keep your vehicle from becoming damaged by  
        paint, oil, etc that may be on items.  Also those long grip Picker-upper
        things are wonderful to have, as some items are hard to reach unless you
        actually enter the dumpster.  
    6.  If the police arrive, don't be scared or act like you are doing something
        wrong.  It is not illegal, so you are not committing a criminal act.  Be    
        polite, cooperative and if told to leave, do so.  Never argue with them.
        If business personnel come out and tell you to leave, do so.  If you are
        requested to leave and refuse to do so...THEN it becomes a criminal act
        and it is highly feasible that you will be arrested.
    7.  NEVER EVER leave  YOUR trash in their dumpster, even a can or bottle.
        It is illegal to put your trash in someone else's dumpster,  so make sure
        that you leave nothing there that was not there previously.
    8.  Again, always...always leave the place the same or better than how you
        found it.  Don't leave a mess, ever..doing so will result in making the
        property owners angry, and possibly post signs refusing us the ability to
        DD.  Also it could result in city, county or statewide laws refusing us
        the ability to DD.  In this day and age, in this economy, it would be a
        sad thing to let so many wonderful items go to the landfill, when we can
        clean and reuse many of the items that are discarded.  DD's need to be
        sure that we make a POSITIVE statement about ourselves and our activity
        by leaving a GOOD up the place when we're done and
        not taking advantage of the opportunity afforded us.

    If everyone follows the "rules" and we make a positive statement with our actions, instead of a negative one, it helps our cause so much.  We don't want to encourage laws to be made denying us the opportunity to salvage treasures from the trash and so every positive action that we can perform, makes it better for us...for our town..our landfill..our country.  There is no need to waste perfectly good items, whether it is food, cosmetics, clothing, hardware, furniture,toys, matter what it is, keeping it out of the landfill and allowing it to be used by someone is the goal.  

    Be careful, be safe, be considerate, and be lawful.

  10. Dumpster Diving is illegal in North Carolina. It's a felony. I know this guy who, one day pulled up to an apartment complex. He ask the manager if it was o.k. to go to dumpster diving. The manager told him it was o.k., as long as you clean up. So, he proceed to dumpster dive. He found alot of neat things, and set them next to the dumpster. A police officer pulled up, and question the guy. He told him that he was dumpster diving. The officer had him arrested for felony breaking and entering, felony possession of stolen property, and felony grand larceny. The manager came out, and ask the officer why he's arresting the guy. The policer officer ask him are you the manager here, and he said yes. The officer ask him did he gave the guy permission to dumpster dive, he said yes. The officer arrested the manager for felony conspiracy. They are both serving 30 yrs. in prison.

  11. I called my local police officer about this( I live in NC).He told me that dumpster diving is illegal and can be a felony offense. I ask him why can it be a felony offense? He stated that you are obtaining stolen property. I ask him how can the property be stolen if it's thrown away? He told me well, the property is not yours, you don't have proof that it's yours,regardess if it's thrown away or not. The property is not yours. He said the max jail time is 15 yrs. in prison. So the answer is you can't dumpster dive in NC.

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