Can you add "Share Groups" to the groups box on "My Page"?

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I have been trying to share my groups on 360 but dont seem to have the "Share Groups" option, can you add this option or How do I get to share my groups?




  1. You probably already know this...To add your groups to your 360 page, sign into your 360 account and do the following:

    1. Click "My Page" at the top of the page.

    2. Select "Share Groups" in the lower right of the page.

    3. Select the checkbox next to "Yahoo! Groups" and click "Save."

    If this does not work for you, try again later.  It seems there's a lot going on right now with 360 to where sometimes it works fine and the next time it doesn't.    :(

  2. 360 has been having alot of issues and many members groups are not listing on it to share- I'm not expecting that they will either since yahoo has claimed they're not going to spend resources fixing 360 glitches-

    consider adding the promote codes of your groups or the direct links instead. this way no matter the glitch, your groups are still listing for you

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