Can my supervising driver be drunk if i am driving (i am 16)?

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I am a 16, and i have my permit, and i need a supervising driver, sitting in the front passenger seat. Can that supervising dirver be drunk? (as in, if the police officer stops us, will we get in trouble)

16 driving- supervising driver (who is 21 or older, and has liscence) can they be drunk?!?!!




  1. i would google your question and include your state,

    just dont get pulled over, and even if it isnt illegal that cop is going to give you a hard time as soon as he notices the passenger is drunk.  

    have the persons license and the registration in a easy accessible place so you dont have to ask the drunk guy/girl for there license and embarrass yourself. you shouldnt get pulled over, just dont make it an everyday thing.

  2. Both of you guys will behind the bar if you guys not follows the trafic rules.

  3. No, they shouldn't be but if they are extremly drunk and you both need a way home and there no way else to get home safetly then it would be safer for you to drive instead of a drunk driver

  4. Speaking frm my personal view, i feel your superviso should not be drunk while you are driving, because the main reason he/she is there is to make sure that you are following the right procedures while on the road. How else are you bound to stay away from the danger zones if he's drunk? Him being drunk is just the same as him not being there. I feel either he or you might be charged if that's the case!

  5. no they cannot be drunk.  the reason you have a supervising driver is to teach you and make sure you don't do anything wrong.  can a drunk person do that?  no, i dont think so.

    i believe that, technically, he could get DUI for this. and you could get in serious trouble as well.

  6. Plain and simple NO........................they have to be able to take control of the vehicle in case any situation came up that you could not handle......

  7. No.  You could lose the right to a license and may have to wait till 18 or older.  The drunk goes to jail.  Endangering the welfare of a minor.

  8. The supervising driver HAS TO BE CAPABLE of driving at a moment's notice.  A drunk is not capable.  Even if he is not behind the wheel, he can be charged with a DUI and you can be charged with driving unsupervised.

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