Can anyone help me with moving to Australia?

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ive wanted to go there for years, im just out of highschool and im going to get a full time mechanic job soon and going to collage in a year. but in 2-3 years i want to move to australia in a apartment or a trailer and maybe get traning for Holden automotive.

i won't move there untill i have 25K in the bank.

anyone know what is required to get there and certain requirments like money, age and carreer?




  1. Contact the Austrailian embasy for that information.

  2. Research the following websites for answers and helpful info:::

    Immigration for Australia -

    Australia Needs Skills Recruitment Expos  -

    Australian Government -

    For Aussie skilled jobs off the Immigration website

    Working In Australia, For more jobs, helpful tips and information on companies assisting you with your move -

    For Australia Skilled Immigration Assessment Form -

    Point Calculator -

    For living costs -

    How to Live Here - Step-by-step guides to procedures and paperwork is a great guide that explains things in simple terms, applying for visas, working or as an international student etc…

    Things to do first when you arrive in Australia and info on settling here

    Good Luck

  3. I don't know about the getting here details, but you should look at moving to a town its going to be easy to get a job at!... im froma minng town called Kalgoorlie in Western Australia and there is ALWAYS jobs available for any person who wants one, it is also great money in the mining industry, if you have mechanical bacground you could be a serviceman... save some money then travel  about a bit! I hope you enjoy it! =)

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