Can a person survive going over a waterfall?

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I need the info for a story I`m making.Of course,it is my story after all!I can make it how ever I want,but still...I want to know!




  1. it depends how big the water fall is and how you fall .... you could get injured or die. you will never know untill u do it. but make your story how ever u like ,make it intresting and fun, goodluck

  2. if they do not land on rocks, and if the dive to the water isnt at such a high height, it will be just like jumping in a pool

  3. Yes, a person can survive going over a waterfall if they protect themselves enough.

  4. It depends on the speed your falling and the height of the waterfall. If you are going over a water fall your head should be up and your feet should be down and you should wear something that protects you. If your head is facing down while you go down a water fall you can bash your head against a rock and die. First of all, no matter what position you are while going down a water fall you aren't safe. So that means most of the time if you are going down a high waterfall you wouldn't survive.

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