Best place to live? Where is the best place to live considering everything such as living

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Where is the best place to live considering everything such as living expenses, things to do, weather, the type of people, etc..

Toronto, Canada.......Long Beach, California......Los Angeles, California......Miami, Florida........Daytona Beach Area, Florida......New York....???????? if theres a city not on here and you think would be great please suggest that too!




  1. I would suggest you make a list of your prefered places and go and see first hand what you would personally like.  But...for the best weather, my vote would go to the  Canary Islands and Hawaii.  This is where the weather is pretty near pefect all year round.  It's also great if you enjoy living by the Ocean.  But...for things to do....then you would need to go to a big city like LA, Toronto, New York or Hong Kong.(not great if you are on a budget though).  Miami is a good choice too, since it does have a bit of everything you may want except the summers are too hot and humid. depends on what your career is.  I ended up in Las Vegas since I used to work in show business. Although it's not where I would recommend others to live as a first choice. was great for what I did at the time. Hope I helped....

  2. Toronto, Canada - for me!

  3. I live in a great town outside of Pittsburgh but I must warn you the winters are brutal and the summers are hot.  I would suggest Daytona Beach area sounds like a place I would want to be right now

  4. Everything depends on who are you and what do you want from life!

  5. Australia has 4 cities in the top ten most livable cities in the world.  Its 6 biggest cities make the top 20 most livable cities in the world.  The criteria for this ranking include standard of living, lifestyle, climate, safety, health care, educational opportunities, recreation, entertainment and environment etc.  My hometown, Melbourne is number one and I can highly recommend it.  Other cities in the top ten include Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle, Vienna and Zurich.

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