Best place to buy fruit and veg in Perth?

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Have just moved to Perth and am astounded by the obscene prices for fruit and veg in Coles/ Woolies.

Where should I buy my fruit and veg instead: specific places would be great




  1. There are a few fruit and veg markets around. The only one I know of directly is in Walliston  (Kalamunda Shire).

  2. Wanneroo market is cheaper than Freo market .

    I don't go to markets as I grow my own in the back garden .

  3. the wanneroo markets are great for good quality fruit and veg and bread and you will save so much money . also the fremantle markets are worth a visit

    woolies and coles fruit and vege are outrageously expensive and the quality is shocking.  i mean nearly $6.50 for a small punnet of strawberries . un believable

  4. Unfortunately the supermarket prices are pretty much the norm.

    Why do you think they could charge them if they were lower elsewhere?

    There are many places dotted round that sell cheaper fruit & veg, including Fremantle Market and local F&V shops. However I'm sorry to tell you that you only ever get what you pay for, and if you want top quality, which the supermarkets are, then you'll need to buy from them.

  5. check out these places- mirrabooka shopping centre they have a fruint and veg shop at pretty good prices- its close to woolworthes you wont miss it.

    also another with reasonable prices at canningvale markets note they are only on sunday morning from 7am to 12 in the morning, its also located close to the 'cash and carry' store i dont have a adress for you but you might want to call cashand carry and ask them where they are

    if you need any help just email me and i go to the canningvale markets every week, so why dont you come along!


  6. probably Fremantle markets or Wanneroo markets. Go on Sunday afternoon and prices are cheaper especially near closing time which is about 5pm

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