Attrition rate in relience, tataindicom &airtel?

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Attrition rate in relience, tataindicom &airtel?




  1. huh??? wtf r u talkin about???

  2. like infosys, TCS, Wipro - none of the corporates (Reliance, Tataindicom & Airtel) will reveal to the public the facts that affect their image. each coporates have their own policies which we cannot question.

    IT industries have 3 to 7% attrition rate

    others listed coproates will have approx. 15% to 20% attrition rate.

    for Reliance attrition rate is about 20% on-shore and off-shore - as there is heavy demand for experienced personnel.

    TATAINDICOM and AIRTEL, RCOM at marketing side the attrition rate goes beyound 30% - hardly they manage to retain the personnel beyond 3 months.

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