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I am planning of opening a retailing shop exclusively for ladies like blouse bits, ladies inner garments, makeup sets, fancy items children garments, salwar kamiz, ladies hand bags etc.. (only for ladies).

The shop will be managed by my wife and staff in the shop will be only ladies.

My concept it ladies items will be given to ladies only by ladies and managed by lady.

Whether will it work out? or ladies will go to shops where gents are there?

I would request all ladies, pl answer this question so as to enable me to take right decision.

Thanking you in advance.

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  1. what you have no breans you will lose money guys buy ladies items 4 gifes 4 they wifes, girlsfriends,friends on holydays an like the one coming up now on the 14 yes have all female working the shop then they can help the guys out buying the right one 4 they lover, friends, an wifes.

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