Are there any good guitar instructional videos that you know about?

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i want to teach myself how to play guitar because i have alot of free time this summer. i have looked at a few different books but they were for really early begginners lik epeople that dont even know music and since i am in choir i already know alot about music so tyhey werent much help. but if you know of any good guitar instructional videos online that are free that i could look at, please let me know =]]

thank =]




  1. Go on youTube and do a search on guitar tutorial. You will find easy to hard playing tutorial but at least, you get a chance to see that youtube has good material and very good musicians at your disposal.

  2. go to search > metal method > download it > now you can learn to play guitar right from your computer!


    I live in switzerland our law allows us to download pirated material for personal use but not for distribution. I don't know about the U.S but maybe you should find out in case it is illegal.

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