Am visiting australia in sept what should i wear?

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will be visiting Perth ,Alice Springs Darwin and Sydney ,will the weather be similar in all these places ?




  1. no they dont have similar weather. Alice Springs is a desert whereas Darwin has a rainy season! Take a selection of warm weather clothes and say jeans for cooler evenings. A light rain coat might be useful in Darwin.

    Perth 10 - 20 oC

    Alice Springs 10 - 28oC

    Darwin 22 - 32oC

    Sydney11 -19oC

  2. I think you will find most places the same at that time of year.

    Mild days,cool nights,not really cold.

    Long pants and a warm sweater should cover you fine on cooler days.All except Darwin which will be warm to hot and not at all in the wet season.That starts around December.So The stuff for Darwin's warm climate will be more than good enough for any other place in Australia if you do get a hot day.

    It never gets that cold here unless you are in the mountains or way down in Tasmania.It is never like Europe or the Mid west of the USA.

    Relax,if you need extra buy it here,save you luggage space for the trip home for all the good stuff you buy.

    people just give to many complicated answers here on weather.LOL

  3. no. Bring EVERYTHING.

    Sydney might get VERY cold in September. It might get under 15 degrees. Be prepared, weather in Sydney & Melbourne is very unpredictable!

  4. Honey, it is COLD in Sydney

    x x x

  5. Perth - hot and stormy. Take skirts, short tops, but still pants and jacket in case it rains.

    Darwin - very very hot, can flood. Take skirts, short tops, hat, sandals, sunscreen, and bug repellent.

    Sydney - see Perth. Skirts, shorts, short tops, pants, jumper. Can get warm, but unlike Perth, Sydney floods.

    Alice Springs - like Darwin. Very, very hot. Skirts, short tops. Don't bother with pants because Alice starts hotting up in September. Bring bug repellent. Make sure clothes aren't special to you because up north is hot and dusty.

    Enjoy yourself, we're perfectly harmless!

  6. Well its just going in to there summer, so i would wear Board shorts, strap tops, shorts. but i would take a jusmoer and a pair of jeans just in case.

    remember if you are wearing short sleaved tops wear sun cream all the time, it is so hot!!!

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