Am I pregnant Pls Help?

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me and my husband have been trying to get preganant for the past couple weeks i know its to early to show anything on a pregnancy test so i didnt bother to get one but latly s*x has became painful my nipples is senstive im more moody as usual my temper gets pretty bad im more crampy and have been going to the bathroom more then usual , what do you think?




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  3. Well those were the first things i noticed also .I was going to the bathroom more then usual and my nipples were sore and always erected .so yeah you could be pregnant,there is a test that you can take now ..GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. MAIN QUESTIONS to ask yerself.

    did you have s*x?

    and if you did, did you pee on a stick and see if theres a pink plus sign or smiley face saying yuu are?

  5. I would say your most likely pregnant! I would wait You seem to have all the symptoms of pregnancy, because when I get pregnant s*x starts to hurt also due to the cervix hardening. I would wait a couple weeks and take a test, but for now make sure to take care of yourself like you would if pregnant just in case. Good Luck!

  6. You sound pregnant to me . you can get tests that show if you are pregnant 7 days after conception.

    I get the same symptoms when i first fall pregnant.

  7. Yeah, your pregnant! Those are signs of pregnacy. But anyways, tell me if it's a boy or a girl! :D

  8. When is your period due?  If it's close those are all signs of your period, but could also be signs of pregnancy.  It's hard to tell at this point.

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