Alexandria via a Meditteranean Cruise

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  1. Discovered by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C., Alexandria today is an energetic, modern city with sadly little to show off its incredible ancient roots. Although, with a population of approximately four million, it is an crucial commercial and cultural center gifted located on the Mediterranean coast. It is also recognized as The Pearl of the Mediterranean. According to estimation 90 percent of Alexandrians are Sunni Muslims. Listen up for the fascinate calls to prayer that reverberate across town from the city's minarets five times daily. Cafes and shops will immediately empty as men make their way toward their prayer rugs. One mosque of note: Abu Abbas al-Mursi, on Sharia Fransa, just a block from the seafront boulevard called Corniche, is an excellent example of Islamic history that draws thousands of worshipers for the noon prayer on Fridays. Currently a growing fundamentalist organization is challenging Egypt's longtime president, Hosni Mubarek. It's the talk of the town, and one can't help wondering what lies ahead.

    Alexandria is ranked as one of the greatest mental crucible the world has ever known, the place where ideas developing in obscure antiquity were forged into intellectual constructs that far outlasted the city itself. It wasn't Rome or Athens that intellectually lead the ancient world, as most thought, but Alexandria of Egypt. It was here that humans first realized the world wasn't flat, invented geometry, built the steam engine, created latitude and longitude, and made the first excellent maps of the world.


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