Aida cloth. Good afternoon.  I have a project that is on 28 counted fabric.  It has

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  1. Angela said "you'll need to remember that there's 10 stitches to 1\", no matter the size of fabric that you choose."

    Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!  I don't know why I keep seeing this online, because it's wrong.  Stitching graphs are commonly printed at 10 stitches to the inch for ease of counting the stitches as you work the design.  It has noting to do with the size of the cloth.

    The count of your aida cloth is how many stitches there are in one inch of that cloth.  16 count has 16 stitches to the inch.  22 count has 22 stitches to the inch, and so on.  You divide the number of stitches in one dimension of your design by the size of your cloth.  That's how many inches that dimension will be.  Then you add your 3" all around for stability while stitching the design.

    So, your 200 x 144 stitch design on 16 count cloth will be about  12.5" x 9".  Add  3" all around, and you should cut your 16 count fabric to 19" x 15".

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