A Fare To Remember Movie

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  1. is also the wonderful site to get  access to this adventurous flick.

  2. The fare to remember is an adventurous, romantic movie, released in 1998, in which  a high-powered business executive gets stranded at the Seattle airport on Christmas Eve. She has to get to her wedding in Los Angeles on time, so she hires a super-obnoxious cab driver to get her there. Their journey is filled with plenty of crazy potholes and wild turns, but it'll be a road trip to remember.

    I found it a tender movie that represents how our daily life is a catalyst that causes us to change our thoughts, behaviors and emotions into people we're not. This story is a love story where true emotions arise. If you are thinking whether to see it or not I suggest seeing it as it is a movie definitely worth watching, a holiday road trip that turns into an emotional turn-a-round.

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