.303 British Enfield No.4 Mk2(F)

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  1. I have the same Enfield, .303 no4 mk2  uf55 a29124 I got it for 80$ in 1988 but I have never been able to trace its origin

  2. I just traded for a ENFIELD looks as new. It still has cosmo. It is marked==  No4 MK2 UF 55 A1794. Can anyone tell me about the rifle?

  3. if it has usa on the rifle then it is a contract rifle from the brits on the lend and lease program

  4. I have a .303 No.4 Mk2 with no markins on it, only markings on it "No4 Mk2 Property of the USA sniper rifle" and the serial number

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