2011 French Open: Rafael Nadal battles past John Isner in the first round

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2011 French Open: Rafael Nadal battles past John Isner in the first round
King of Clay, Rafael Nadal survived a mid match lapse against the American giant, John Isner to battle out a five set win in Paris on Tuesday. Rafa secured a 6-4, 6-7(2), 6-7(2), 6-2, 6-4 victory over the American, kicking off
his title defence at the 2011 Roland Garros on a rough note.
Other than being the reigning world number one, Rafa also held a 2-0 advantage over the American in the pair’s career head-to-head.
Gotten off to a slow start, Nadal had to wait for six games before catching the coveted break against the American. Three deuces and two errors from Isner in the seventh game, allowed Nadal to lead 4-3 in the opener which he only
extended to 5-3 on his next service. Serving for the set at 5-4, Rafa was able to go one up in the set score as he secured a 6-4 win for himself.
Despite trailing 0-1 in the set score, Isner was determined to find his footing against the Spaniard. Matching blow for blow against the King of Clay, Isner managed to keep the scoreboard ticking on even terms. Although the Spaniard
broke early, for a 2-0 lead, Isner was quick to bounce back as he tied the score at 5-5.
The hard hitting giant was proving to be trouble for the King of Clay as a win each on their serves forced the game into a tiebreaker. Two marvellous aces, a winner and two erroneous shots later, Isner was leading the tiebreaker
4-1 which he only extended to 5-2 moments after. A weak return from Rafa at 6-2, allowed the American to secure a 7-2 win in the tiebreaker, evening the set score at 1-1.
Isner followed the top seed close at his heels in the third set, keeping the score tied at all times. An hour later the match was forced into another tiebreaker. Isner sent the King running all over the court as he secured a 6-2
lead in the tiebreaker.  An overshot backhand from Nadal gave the set to Isner as he recorded a second 7-2 victory in the tiebreaker.
What looked like a straight sets victory for the Spaniard had long turned into a hard fought battle for victory. Leading 2-1 in the set score, Isner now hinted at a possible upset for the King. They say third time is the charm
and it seemed quite true for the American as he looked to oust Rafa from the event.
However, an early break from Rafa allowed him to bounce back in the fourth set as he secured a 4-2 lead. Breaking Isner in the seventh game and serving in the eighth, Nadal was able to secure a 6-2 win for himself.
With a two set win each, the match entered its fifth – make it or break it – set.  Following suit in the fifth set, Rafa cashed in on an early break to lead the set 3-1, which he later extended to 5-3. Serving for the set at 5-4,
Rafa held his serve comfortably to serve out the set at 6-4.
Rafa moves on ahead to play compatriot Pablo Andujar in the second round as he continues his title defence here at Stade Roland Garros.



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