2 day visit to Cannes/Nice/Monaco?

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Anyone know what would be the fastest mode of transport? We fly into Nice airport and are visiting on a Saturday(am) & Sunday(pm) in a few weeks. Is there a travelcard I can get for 48 hours? I've looked at travelsites, but as I don't speak french, I have difficulty understanding them. Any help would be appreciated. Do you have any recommendations to have Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner in either of the above places, that has great views and not too expensive? What is the weather likely to be like? Thanks for your suggestions.




  1. The best way to travel from Nice to Cannes and Monaco is to take the local train as they are both 10-15 miles away. There are trains all day. Just go to the local train station, buy a ticket, punch it in the machine and hop on the train. It will cost 3 € to 6 €  per person and per trip.

    I just checked the weekend schedules and there are trains every 10 to 25 minutes from about 6:00 am to 10:00 pm between Nice and Cannes or Monaco. Depending on the train, it takes 15-20 minutes to Monaco and 25-40 minutes to Cannes.

    I don't know the area well enough to make any recommendation on places to eat, I can only tell you that it is pricy there but menus and prices are always posted outside so you should be able to find something nice without breaking the bank. Tipping is not required, it is however customary to leave a couple of euros for a meal if you were happy (a little more for expensive restaurants). For a snack, just leave the small change (only if you are happy). At least these are the rules for France, I don't know if it's different in Monaco or not. When asking for water, make sure you ask for a "carafe" otherwise they will try to sell you overpriced bottled water. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. im very sorry i aint got the foggy ist so sorry i couldnt help u "

  3. theres cafes everywhere in france if thats what ur looking for. for traveling to cannes, i suggest taking the TGV, which is the fastest train. as for monaco i think thats only a few miles from nice. and for speaking french, u should learna few basic phrases so u dont scream "american". lol.

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