Zulqarnain Haider: ICC given proof about fixing of two One-Day Internationals against South Africa

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Zulqarnain Haider: ICC given proof about fixing of two One-Day Internationals against
Pakistan’s runaway wicketkeeper Zulqarnain Haider said that he has “handed over two letters” to the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) that were given to him by unidentified persons seeking to fix the last two One-Day Internationals (ODI)
against South Africa.
Haider, who has applied for asylum in the UK, had his first contact with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Thursday evening after facing criticism from former cricketers and his team members. On Wednesday, the PCB suspended his
stipend contract citing that he cannot be reached and he is not even contacting them. The PCB had set up a “fact-finding committee” to establish the facts surrounding his bizarre disappearance from Dubai.
The 24-year-old young player later admitted that he has been “threatened while playing domestic cricket” in as well. He told the media that he did not come here in order to have any form of assistance from the British
Government but because of self-preservation. Haider has also faced severe backlash from the Pakistani Government and the sports minister specifically announced that he has brought “shame” to the country.
Haider, however, underlined that he will not be returning to his homeland as he feared for his life. He told the ICC that he was “genuinely concerned for his own safety.” He said that when a “prime minister like Benazir Bhutto”
could get assassinated in Pakistan, he could have the same future due to the life threats as he was just an ordinary cricketer.
Haider said that he is ready to fully cooperate with the ICC and ACU and that he will not be holding back anything from the officials. When asked why he didn’t inform the team management or the ACU in Dubai (which is the home of
the ICC headquarters), he replied that he did something which “felt right at that time.” He said on Wednesday to an ill-managed and rushed press conference that he didn’t want to create hassles for his teammates or his management.
The Pakistan High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Wajid Shamsul also met yesterday with the wicketkeeper for the first time and assured him that any legal assistance he required would be provided to him.
The ICC officials are yet to comment on the given proof by Haider and it remains to be seen whether he would indeed be a whistleblower or not.



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