XBOX LIVE COD 4 problems! HELP?

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My problem is, every time my friend tries to connect to my party on xbox live in the call of duty game, or join my party it says connecting to party, the screen goes black and then a box comes up that says error could not connect to host or something else like that. It happens vise versa too, like when he invites me to his party it does the same thing. I don't know why but i would appreciate some explanation or help in solving this problem.




  1. call your internet service provider or reset your iNtErNeT yo!

  2. It's possible that either you or your friend's (or both) NAT setting is set to strict.  Run a network settings test on your 360, have your friend do the same thing, and see what your NAT settings are set to.  If either of them are "strict" or "moderate", you'll need to head over to and find the help section on how to fix that.  Hope this helps, good luck!


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