Would you wear fleece short shorts?

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They're a reddishy color and has HOLLISTER applique on the butt. Would you wear this? And if so, what would you wear with it?




  1. No, but thats only b/c i find the whole hollister thing really tacky, wearing something that says HOLLISTER in huge *** letters doesnt do it for me...

  2. fick no hollister is tackey i mean why would you want to be a walking billboard with no class

  3. dis may sound perverted x.x but iuno msot girls that wear short shorts go with a light blouse of some sort or a tank top :/ thats what i usually see. or a shirt thats a bit long so it looks like your wearing no shorts at all O.o

  4. i have those! x]

    and i wear usually wear this hollister shirt with it, it's white and has the california flag on it, but instead of 'california republic' it says 'hollister republic'. and it says california at the top of :] and i put my hair up in a messy bun and wear orange or white hco flip flops with it :]  

  5. Fleece short shorts?  I guess it all depends on what you're trying to keep toasty warm.

  6. No. 1: Because HOLLISTER is on the ***.

    and 2: Short shorts are not cute anymore.

  7. Heck no.

  8. yes

  9. no.  i don't wear things with writing across the butt.  looks like all you want is for people to look at your a*s.  tacky as h**l.

  10. would i wear them where?  to the gym or to bed, sure!  to school or work, i'd say no.

  11. not in public.

    to bed as pajamas. hahaha

  12. yes i would with a white shirt, jk

  13. I think it is Hot and I would wear those tube socks like Playboy girls wear w/ a tiny tee shirt something white most likely maybe yellow  

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