Why will the votes of Virginia and North Carolina matter more than California and New York combined?

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  1. I am from Virginia (northern VA) and Obama is heavily favored from where I am from. He needs the support of the populated - upper class metropolitian area to carry VA. If he can get enough of the people out...It will shut out the votes from rural VA and he'll win the state easily. I think Virginia is key to an Obama victory!

  2. Didn't know that. I live in NC, will vote for OBAMA. This state is very well diversified. I love it

  3. California matters big time, but everyone already knows how we predominantly will vote, so in a sense, it doesn't "matter"-Obama already has our state sold. :(

    Basically we aren't a swing state. If we were, that would be fun. We could possibly make or break any election... shame. Gee, why don't all the unions want to redistrict our state? Hmmm....

  4. The midwest and south in general seem to always matter so much more, and I don't get it. So many presidents have been southern people even, why not some northern or coastal folks for once.

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