Why Can't Dem Senators who Supports Obama Name Anything that Obama has Done?

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  1. Well, they won't talk about it because as a state senator he was a failure.

    The cloak of media invisibility is slowly beginning to lift from Barack Obama's most important administrative leadership experience, helming an expensive educational reform effort in Chicago that failed to produce any measurable academic gains, according to the project's own final report.

    Add in the fact that former Weatherman and admitted terrorist William Ayers (whom Obama described in the Philadelphia debate as merely a "neighbor") was head of the operating arm of the CAC, working with Obama on distributing scores of millions of dollars to grantees in the wards of the city, and you have a topic that the Obama campaign wishes to avoid at all costs.

  2. He has not done anything.  

  3. If it's not there to name, it can't be said.  Empty suit syndrome.

  4. Because there is nothing to name.

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