Where and how can I send letters or email to the editors of major UK newspapers?

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Letter/e-mail to the editor of the:

The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Guardian, The Star and whatever other major London/UK newspaper there is.

Is there usually a requirement where you have to include your first name, surname, address and day time phone number, as well as not compose/send a letter that is no more than 200 words to the editors of these papers?

I'm an Australian in Aus.




  1. Most newspaper " reserve the right o edit letters" never heard of

    200 word limit.

    I would as a matter of courtsey and to ensure publication - if this is your aim, include details that you list.

    a quick google search will give you all the details Address etc.

    the web site may also give details of letters e mails

  2. Most newspapers have a 'contact' section on their website and would expect you to state your name, address and contact number.

  3. check their web sites, you should include your details especially if you would like you letter considered for publication, in which case a short letter has a better chance than a long one but I don't think there is any rule

  4. I've just checked out The Sun's site and its really easy ..just go to the Contact Us page(link below) so I guess all the others are the same

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