What is katrina kaif cell number?

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  1. haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, ,katrina i am big fan and real fan of your

    plse i want yur cell phone no.

    and my face id is

  2.  mam i am your big fan of u please give me your no 



  3. Hi Katrina my name is yaavar plz give me your number plzzz I m your biggest fan plz

  4. Katrina i am your biggest fan plz give me your number plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5.  katrina can i f**k u?


  6. I'm a huge huge huge fan of Katrina Kaif.It's my dream that I could talk to Katrina Kaif once,so it will be helpfull if you give me the number.pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas


  7.  any one hv kat`s cell no if u read kat then please give me ur cell # i m really helpfull person to you if u think that its joke then try here give me one rlp then i give some more my extra detils 



  8. my name is  MAISA.    i am 10  years old .i am the biggest fan of yours . plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  give me your cell phone number


  9. katrina kaifs no. is 98542716308.....................................i m 100% sure ,  i  talked   with  her.

  10. hi katrina i m ur fav. fan in the world and plz giv ur else contact me on 7385458767

  11.  hi katrina i am form pakistan i am your bigest fan i love u sooooo much plz give me your number bez i want to be your best friend and i can try to be a good friend of your so plz reply me ...... it will be my best gift in my life this is am id : plz reply because i have only this way to talk with u . i am very far from u ... faryal

  12.  hi katrina can u give ur no. please i am salmaan khan this side i am not lieing

  13. i love you

  14. i am too serching for ti if u get call 9686171753


  15. kute ki bachi apni web site par phone number de.

  16. kute ki bachi apni web site par phone number de.

  17. Hey i will u tell u about katrina phn. No. Jst do one thng open (sahara) website n select official no. Option. Trust me.

  18. hello friends iam salman khan i wanna tell u katrinas personal cell no 9422222251

  19. if any one know katrina's number please let me know thank you.

  20. 9255121129  100%sure

  21. katrnia  cell  number  is 9255121129

  22. 09176845612

  23. 9857867789

  24. please tell katrina kaif cell phone number

  25. HelLo kaTRina iAM uR BiG faN PLz give UR ceLl nO.............................

  26. katrina kaif what is ur cell phone number plz reply me

  27. plz katrina i am a big fan of u plz reply me on dr.salmankhansmailbox@radiffmail.comand phone 9848075124

  28. hi katrina my name is vaibhav and i am your best fan please call me on 9212205526

  29. 0 9 00 786 01

  30. he i am akanksha sharma from jalandher  i like katrina kaif phone numbermy number is 9463252580



  33. 09596000222

  34. katreena kaif cell phone number is what?

  35. 09596000222

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