What are ways to build up breaststroke arm muscles through exercise?

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what exercise can I do out of the water in order to build up my arm muscles for "hungarian" or "wave" breastroke?

hopefully without much equipment




  1. it doesnt help much but try by practicing breaststroke for about 4 laps just arms

    if this startts to hurt try just ur legs to (which is very helpful)

    but just to let you know you dont have to have extremely good arms to breaskstroke

    i currently hold the record for breststroke in my county and i can swim almost the sam speed reguarly compared to just my legs

  2. You just have to swim breastroke to build up the arm muscles needed.

    As for the legs though, do a lot of LUNGES.  

    Do these EVERY DAY.

    Do one to the front with your right leg, one to the right with your right leg, and then one to the back right (opening up your hips) with your right leg.  Do that 5 times without stopping.

    Then switch legs and do the same thing except to the other side.

    Trust me this works.  My best stroke is breaststroke and I do these every day.  I did it for a year (only like 5 mins a day) and in that year went from a 1:12 in the 100 breast to a 1:05.

    I am 14.

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