Victor Valdes claims Ronaldinho is the best player he has seen

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The Catalan shot-stopper was present during the time when Ronaldinho played for Barcelona and he believes that the Brazilian star is the best player he has seen in his life.
Ronaldinho is one of those players who, without a doubt, singlehandedly led Barcelona to success.
Joining the Catalan giants back in 2003, the Brazilian star was able to help Barcelona win two Spanish La Liga titles and one UEFA Champions League titles.
These trophies helped the former Barcelona man to win two Player of the Year awards and one Ballon d’Or award.
Currently shot-stopper, Victor Valdes, believes that Ronaldinho is the best player he has seen in his life.
The most memorable moment for the former Barcelona star, Ronaldinho, can be recalled from the Santiago Bernabeu, where he was given a standing ovation despite the intense rivalry between the two sides.
Ronaldinho singlehandedly demolished Real Madrid, who back then had a phenomenal line-up which included and even though legendary French star Zinedine Zidane.
There is no doubt that Messi is Ronaldinho’s prodigy but the Brazilian World Cup winner was out of this planet during his prime.
While speaking about Ronaldinho, Victor Valdes said:
"I have always said that 'Rony' changed the club's history when he played at Barca. He was the leader of that team which changed [our] history.”

"We had not won any title for many years. He arrived and powered Barcelona to become a club known worldwide. And that alone is a reason to thank him.”

"I would say he is the biggest talent I have seen in the dressing room. He was always doing new things."
While Ronaldinho helped Barcelona become what they are today, there is no doubt that the Catalan giants touched dizzying heights under their coach Josep Guardiola, who decided to part ways with the Brazilian star.
Guardiola joined Barcelona back in 2008 and Ronaldinho was not exactly a player he wanted in his team and that is the reason why he parted ways with him and the former player of the year joined AC Milan.



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