UN v.s Peace Corps?

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okay I saw Hotel Rwanda again today adn I noticed that the UN was there but did nothing. why must they debate this things why they are talking, people are dying. so I want to join the Peace corps even though i think they dont do much but go around and help countries build andall of that stuff. Im asking which one would be better and what are your opions on this? Do you prefer the UN of the Peace Corps?I really want your opions and takes on this.




  1. the UN and the peace corps are two completely different organizations.

  2. UN peacekeeping forces are members of the military in their country of origin, so if you have your heart set on being a UN peacekeeper, join the army.  Unfortunately, if you do join the army, you are not very likely to be assigned to a UN peacekeeping mission, with all the things that are going on today.  Additionally, your actions will based on how the UN votes to act, and how your country of origin agrees to contribute to the mission.

    The Peace Corps is a US-government sponsored volunteer program that is supposed to *avoid* areas of armed conflict, because Peace Corps members are not soldiers.  In the Peace Corps, you work on things like literacy, helping local people build businesses, helping at at medical clinics and building things.  You almost always have to have a 4 year college degree, and you have to commit to being in your assigned country for 2 years.

    I'd personally take the Peace Corps.
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